17 Emotions Only People Who Hate Winter Experience

Couldn’t have said it better

Thought Catalog

1. The dreaded first day when you have to wear a winter coat, and all you feel is utter hatred that you live in a place with “seasons.” Seasons are severely overrated.

2. The daunting feeling you have when you get up in the morning and you know it’s bitterly cold outside. So you stay in bed way past the amount of time you should, hugging your covers tightly for dear life.

3. The desire to complain relentlessly for the entire duration of the season. I mean sure, you can’t change the weather but continuous vocal remarks about how much you don’t like being cold helps.

4. The internal cringes you feel when you’re around people who LOVE Winter and insist on trying to convince you to love winter too. We get it, you love hot cocoa and snow angels. Everybody and their mother does. You know what’s better than that…

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